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sGuiding offers the most complete audioguide solution in Paris. Our audioguide is available in two formats: an audioguide box and an application available on IOS and Android. Both work thanks to the innovative technology of automatic triggering near the place of interest.
At the moment? Only a hundred or so tourist sites available.
Our goal? To reach 2000 points of interest, each one as entertaining as the next!

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"Classic audio guide"

Do you need an audio guide solution? Or would you like to replace your current audioguide? We offer a geolocated multilingual audioguide box that works both indoors and outdoors. Suitable for a museum, a park, an underground cellar, a bus, a cruise ship: our "classic" audioguide is made for you.

    • A multilingual audio guide box to complete your guide service: French, English, Chinese...
    • Conservation of copyrights and distribution of your own texts
    • Fixed annual rental fee with adjustable quantity every month
    • Add/remove languages and/or tourist sites as needed
    • We collect the texts in French and English from your team.
    • The translation service in Chinese and 2 languages of your choice is included in the rental price.
    • The content team records the voice-overs in the translated languages.
    • We commit to replace any defective device within 48 hours and to renew your stock of boxes every 24 months.
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Trip extension

The journey continues with sGuiding. Do you organize a tour of a part of Paris and would like to earn revenue in the areas not covered by your services? Offer the sGuiding application to your clients. You'll get additional revenue in addition to customer satisfaction.

    • A hundred sites covered in Paris
    • Product created especially for visits without a guide
    • Easy to use
    • No upfront fees: an additional source of revenue
    • An additional service that opens a new market: offering a guided tour of areas not covered
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Enriching your services

Are you an accommodation provider, a transport operator or a VTC platform? Do your customers ask your staff for tourist information on the route? In addition, offer the sGuiding audio guide services via the application or the box. This way, you will increase your profit and that of your employees for each sale.

    • A complementary product to your physical guide: it allows you to offer a guide service in other languages.
    • Hundreds of sites covered in Paris.
    • No payment in advance
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Expand your product catalog

You are a bookstore, souvenir store, newsstand or tobacco shop. Expand your offering by adding sGuiding's services and products to your counter or online catalog.

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